Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Google Ranking Signals

Id say we just try to mention as many as possible of the over 200 signals google use in their ranking.
Here is a good list to start with:
Keyword in URL
Number of backlinks
Related backlinks
Anchor text on backlinks
Anchor text on inbound links
Backlinks page and domain PR
Site speed
Unique content
Domain age
Keyword in domain
Keyword dencity
Keyword in different tags (H1, B, i…..)
User friendly navigation
Possible factors:

Good content
-I belive this aint a directly signal but that good content often attract good links
Variety of text, images and videos
Bounce rate back to google search
-Can they track this?
-It would atleast been smart to give sites with adsense a bit higher ranking.
Site updates

source: http://abouts.us [AdSense tricks]